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Why the name Beige?


The definition of beige is " a very light brown colour, sometimes with a yellowish gray tinge, similar to the colour of undyed wool..., designated in 1858 as the natural colour of wool and cotton "

We first chose Beige because we already selected White for another company, second because beige is one of our favourite colour and third because the colour beige has so many qualifying adjectives and nouns, which reflect the way of Beige is thinking: "chic, discreet, modest, dependable, conservative, flexible, neutral, calm, relaxing, pale warm appearance, quiet, pureness, softness, understated elegance, purity...."

The beige colour also reminds us of sand, tan, biscuit, cream, ivory, pearl, opaline......

Why the slogan "the tender to your project"?


The definition of the tender is "a boat used to service a ship or yacht generally by transporting people and supplies to/ and from shore or another ship".

The tender has a double duty, it can also act as a lifeboat in an emergency. 

Beige provides the link from ship to shore, from your ideas to the conception of your project, Beige helps you 

reach the shore of the Marketing and

Events "wide world".... Consequently, you need a coach to shape your future projects, your coming events with fresh creativity and vision, especially expertise, availability and commitment.

Why Monaco?


The little "corner of the globe" where everything is small and huge at the same time...

A few words to describe this fascinating city-state: prestige, luxury, gourmet culture, culinary hostspots & hotspots, glamorous, exotic, exciting...

The smallest sovereign state in the world apart from the Vatican where we get 320 days of sun a year....

Why "Haute Couture"?


The definition of Haute Couture is "creation of exclusive custom-fitted clothing, high quality and extreme attention to details"

That's what Beige is all about: a few slogans which represent the most the Beige way of working:

"Events in style"

"Taylor made events"

"Devotion to details"

"Complete service"

"Impeccable style"


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